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Learner Rider Training

Our Learner Rider Training first begins in a carpark or quiet area. Here our trainers will help develop your clutch control, steering skills and braking. Once we feel you have mastered the basic techniques and safe controls, we will progress you to the next stage which is on road riding (starting with quiet streets).

Our Learner Rider Training lessons:

  • Is run 1 on 1 to best develop your skills
  • Is conducted near where you live or work or close to the transport department
  • Use our motorcycles/scooters or yours (riding gear included)
  • Works your ability to brake and steer effectively
  • Divides your time between carpark and then on the road
  • Develops your ability to see traffic early enough to have time to avoid danger

Price (Includes motorcycle hire, gloves, jacket, waterproof clothing, helmet, and our new bike to bike intercom system)

$70 - 1 hour (Moped or RN class up to 50cc)
$80 - 1 hour (RE or R) class
$160 - Practical Exam (1 hour Lesson and bike hire for test
$375 - 5 Lesson Package (~$75/hour)
$700 - 10 Lesson Package (~$70/hour)

Our Training Bikes

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Call Joondalup Motorcycle and Scooter Training for 1 on 1 motorcycle and scooter lessons. We have professional and friendly instructors here to guide you on the road and develop your motorcycle riding skills. We can cater for all different skill levels. Our training is personalised and tailored to suit your needs.

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